Eli’s ranch and rodeo days

My first calf Casa Grande Rodeo 1959 This was on ‘brownie’ who had plenty of speed.

My first roping horse. Just  never had enough speed.

My second calf at Casa Grande 1959. I won the average and a first day money giving me the Arizona State Championship for most points that year. Each point equals one dollar. Also won a nice belt buckle at this rodeo. Most rodeos gave winners a buckle.  For winning the year I also got another buckle and trophy saddle.

A Waggoner colt I was training for a calf  horse

I won the most money in calf roping in 1959 and was Arizona State Champion I received this buckle. Sterling silver  and      gold  with genuine synthetic rubies, plus a trophy saddle.  

This short clip is of my best calf horse Baldy, my 3 sons and first wife Pat. From front to back, Greg, Jeff, Dean. The clip is from 8MM movies I ripped that were shot over 50 years ago. Jeff passed away in Sept. 2009.

Some space left on this page so put this clip up of what my kids would find to do on the ranch.

This is the saddle that went along with the belt buckle



  Cold branding vs. hot branding

Using acid branding,( cold branding) this would not have happened to me. One good thing when using a hot iron on cattle they can not kick like this. Cattle do what a cowboy calls "cow kick" They do not have much power to kick straight back.