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After my 1st wife and I split in 1975, I turned over the pool hall-bar to my youngest son Greg who now owns it in its new location. I purchased the 45' yacht and sailed off into the sunset to Hawaii and then on the South Pacific, going to Tahiti returning to Hawaii via the Cook Islands and American Samoa with my son Greg as crew. The following year I made another trip to the South Pacific, this time going to the Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji, Wallis, American Samoa, Fanning Island and then back to Hawaii. My crew was a Canadian Nurse, Joanne, for this cruise. The slip I put in for 4 years earlier was offered me when I returned here in the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor and have been here since 1987


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Katie above, was my crew-companion for my second passage from San Diego to Hawaii. A 17day sail. She never came up on deck, not even one time, even after she got over her 3 day bout of sea sickness. She wanted to die and asked me to toss her overboard, which I refused to do. Finally when we reached Maui, and the water was calm, she ventured out into the cockpit. She stayed below and watched video movies and wrote letters all day long during the passage. She got along fine with Limey, but her PMS attacks every month I could not handle, caused us to split, She returned to the mainland. My son Greg came over and he was my crew, taking the place of Katie.

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I found this Poster in a art store and liked it so much named my yacht after it. The duck is kicking back and suddenly notices the bullet holes. Whether the bullet holes were there before he sat down or just now appeared, poses a interesting question, but no matter, not a good place to be sitting.

It had sleeping room for 7 people, providing they bring no luggage. I made my longest passage from Hawaii to San Diego which took me 24 days alone. Our trip to Tahiti took  Greg and I, 23 days. Since we were out of the shipping lanes, we did not run watches. Night time we would eat a fish we had caught that day, watch a movie, and then to sleep. Any change in the boats motion would wake us and we would go on deck to check it out. Morning we would wake up and start another day. I have radar and when we thought close to a island would turn it on. I had a sat nav to tell us where we were. I carried a sextant but never used it.

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Interior of my yacht, looking forward. My mast was keel mounted and is the white pole in the middle. You can make out the front bunk beyond it. I sold her and purchased the Time Out which is on another page



Looking towards the stern, my computer on the left and the galley on the right. Companionway steps lead to the cockpit and 36hp, 3 cylinder Volvo diesel engine is under the steps.

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The Sitting Duck off Point Loma, San Diego, Ca. Getting ready to leave for Hawaii.

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These are the 3 Thai ladies that I brought to Hawaii. The reason I went to Thailand was while in the South Pacific cruising, all the boats coming up from Australia and New Zealand, with single guys on board, would tell me that the Tahitian women did not compare to Thailand women, left are sisters who were Thai wives #1 & #3, Phimjai and Kwang. On the right is Maew.  I sent her home a month after she I brought her. What a bitch. The others were a lot of fun. Soon as the permanent green card would come they would split and look for a younger husband. Kwang found a rich lawyer who could afford her excessive gambling habit. Lost over 100 grand of his retirement fund the first year. Pawned her 10 diamond ring twice and still at it I am told. I made some expensive mistakes letting my dick lead me around.


My crew/companion Katie, photos earlier on this page, jumped ship right before I left for the South Pacific and I got Greg, my son to go with me. We found new crew in Tahiti and Greg’s and mine jumped ship when we were in Bora Bora where I found Caroline. She made it clear to Pago Pago, American Samoa. There she jumped ship to the boat of the son of the Henitz Ketchup company. I think she jumped ship again and he had to fly her back to Tahiti. The one that I found in Papeete had a bit of age on her and she did not mine going topless most of the time, but she would conceal them whenever I was filming. Her breasts were showing their age and no longer perky compared to the young girls and left something to be desired, like a bra.

On our way to Suvorov Island. Part of the Northern Cooks and uninhabited. Caroline, my crew companion met the son of the Henitz Ketchup  boat while we were there He wrote in the log that visiting sailors kept on the island that this was the real South Pacific. Said he just met a beautiful bare breasted girl here on Suvorov and I guess they got something going because no sooner than we dropped anchor in Pago Pago she wanted to go over to that boat. Came back, got her stuff, and jumped ship. Saved me a airplane ticket back to Tahiti for her. I always told my crew that they had a ticket home whenever they wanted to leave.

A brief clip of sails of the Sitting Duck used on the South Pacific passage

Greg had a school of sharks following the boat by dragging this carcass many miles. Would prevent either of us from drowning should one of us fall overboard.

Our crew having fun when  Greg and I anchored off Club Med on Bora Bora