This final page some photos/videos of some interesting stuff.

vw.jpg (12435 bytes)

A VW bug I chopped so I could use it off road. I had a 4 wheel drive Bronco too,  but this would go almost anyplace that would, go except snow and mud. Great for chasing Jack Rabbits in the desert.

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I did a lot of varmint hunting in the off season and the results, EL Coyote

Some Antelope Jack Rabbits, a larger member of the jack rabbit family that we shot for bait for the trap line. The Antelope Jack has a big white butt and quite a bit larger than the common jackrabbit. They are found only in certain areas of Arizona. I would put them in the freezer for later use. My three sons are in the video, a friend and his son and a friend who just liked to hunt.

Greg bobcat50.JPG (21693 bytes)

When all the hunting seasons ended, I would run a trap line during the Winter and these are some of the varmints I would catch. Greg is holding a bobcat. There is a Grey Fox being held up next to him by persons unknown. I would sell the skins in the spring .  Bobcat skins would bring the most money, back then up to $30 a skin. Grey Foxes only a few dollars and coyotes about the same.

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This is a nice Whitetail deer I shot. Proper name “Coues Deer."They are very elusive and live in the deep brush. Not so easy to bag since there are not so many, like the Mule deer in Arizona

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Way back in the big one, W.W.II, I had the tattoo put on my leg. I had just been sworn in on a Navy ship in the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Back in those day ink and needles not as good as today. Used to have red blood dripping from dagger and other places but faded out over the years.  While anchored offshore of Maui, Hawaii found a real good artist in Lahaina. I had a cover-up put over it. Greg got one too. You will never guess where. Ask him.  

Handelbar.jpg (5852 bytes)

Me with a handlebar mustache, from back in the hippy days. Everyone had long hair during the Vietnam days. It looks like I should be living Tombstone, Arizona back in the frontier gold rush days and having a shootout with the Erps.

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The shark jaws I cut from a shark that attacked my crew-companion Joanne, in the lagoon at Suvarov Island, a uninhabited island in the Northern Cooks. I told her many times never go in the water when she was having her period because the sharks could smell the blood, but she knew better. The lagoon was filled with sharks and they were very aggressive. I had to kill one the year before when it made some aggressive passes at my son Greg. The shark made some passes at her and kept getting closer and closer on each pass, and when it opened it jaws to grab her, I shot it in the brain, killing it instantly. Needless to say she never did it again. When we were on a passage we usually did not wear clothing, as nice and warm and no reason to have all that laundry when we made port. One night I went forward to change a head sail in some pretty rough weather, and was nude as usual. The seas breaking over the bow must have been filled with jelly fish because I was stung on some very tender parts of my body that the fish below in the next photo covers. The fish is a Ono, the Hawaiian name which means delicious, or Wahoo in other parts of the world. I caught it on the way to Pago Pago. Good thing this fish was pretty big and gave me enough cover.

Ono.jpg (20388 bytes)Greg fish35.jpg (17058 bytes)

Greg caught this on the way to Tahiti. He did not require such a big fish

Joanne, my crew companion for my second trip to the South Pacific. She is a nurse and from Toronto, Canada and I met her on Maui. Never had been on a sailboat before, but always looking for new adventures. She always got sea sick every time we left port, but never let it bother her very much, A day or two later and she was well. She became a great sailor and navigator, and would be up checking the radar all night long.  Here we are on a deserted island where we   went out and found some Coconut Crabs. They have very strong claws and can chew through the husk of a coconut to eat it.

This is Limey, a Yellow Napped Amazon that I bought in 1982 here in Hawaii. Called Limey after the English sailors who had to drink lime juice every day to prevent scurvy. Also green/lime colored and a sailor. Always though was a male until a few years ago started laying eggs. You can hear her do a chicken by clicking on the U-tube play. She has many thousands of blue water sailing under her feathers since she traveled with me all through the South Pacific

A nice Ono or Wahoo we caught on the way to Tahiti. Ono in Hawaiian means delicious.

The clip below is of some bob cats I trapped. I did some cruel things to animals back when I was a “Killer” of wildlife. My outlook is no longer the same and do not see now how I could have done some of what I did. My dogs, cats and horses were always treated like members of my family.

I built 2 of these Tote Goats and sometimes used them to bring out game from difficult places. The factory ones claimed they could go any place a horse could go. I found that to be false advertising. Not only were horses better to hunt on, they were a lot quieter. They were great to hunt quail on in the flat desert.

This clip is of a Buffalo I shot. I was a avid hunter and killed all but one of the ‘Big Ten’ of Arizona Big Game. I never was lucky enough to get a permit for the Big Horn Sheep. I got permits for all the others. Mule Deer, White Tailed Deer, Black Bear, Antelope, Elk, Javalina, Mountain Lion, and Turkey.