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Welcome to the Q&Brew. Come on in and have a beer or cocktail, play some pool, pin ball games and meet the crowd that has been coming in since 1964. My youngest son Greg owns it now and put this place together after the City of Tempe took over our old place in downtown Tempe and forced us to move. We own this building, where the old place we had to pay rent. I was in the South Pacific at the time on my second trip with new crew/companion, Joanne.  

Greg, my son and now the owner.

          The Q at night

The first Q&Brew 1964 at 618 Mill Ave in downtown Tempe. Previously a five&dime store. City bought most all the property and we had to move. Greg found a new building and he moved the business to our new location. I was sailing in the South Pacific on my second cruise at the time. Greg also bought a number 6 license which allowed us to sell liquor, cocktails We just had beer and wine at this place.


This is what the room looks like. Top left is from the entrance. The bottom 2 photos, rear of room.

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Three generations, Bailey, Greg's and Kathryn's daughter, They have split after living together many years. Greg and I, and behind us is a caricature done in 1966 of me from the old Q which now resides in the new Q&Brew. On the right is a photo of me and Greg taken in 1980 at the back door of the old Q. The City of Tempe passed a new ordinance after the motorcycle bar down the street had a lot of fights. Made it illegal to carry any kind of weapon into a establishment that served alcohol. Customers that came in bar had to turn in their weapons over to the bartender, just like the days of the old West, Dodge City and Tombstone.

I used to go back to Tempe about once a year and Greg would come here to Honolulu for a vacation. I had to take care of the books, and count the money every night. Had a hard time keeping them right as back then, computer illiterate.

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It has been a long time since I sold a 13 oz beer for 15 cents as advertised on the wall behind me. Year was 1964. Right is the first color TV we had for the bar . Many flat screens throughout the room now.

Some of our logos and Greg the “pool shark” trying to rob a local hustler.

A couple of regulars, Greg, who was bartending that night, had to eject because inebriated. They showed up this way  and Greg would not serve them. He called a taxi for them and told them they had to wait outside because against the law to allow them to remain inside. Greg canceled the “86” and they made a vow to never drink to excess again and have returned as some of our best female customers.

Tari, Greg’s companion and a beautiful addition to the Q

Our first color TV. The old refrigerator TV sits on was used for canned beer to go. Did not sell much canned or bottled beer when we first started.

DAM! Greg sure has good looking people behind the bar.

Tari mixing a drink

Putting her tips in

   In a safe place